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So we all know there are benefits of exercise. If you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, get stronger, or are an athlete looking to improve performance, you likely have turned toward exercise to help achieve your goals.

But, there are more benefits of exercise than meet the eye. Exercise has huge benefits on stress, anxiety, and overall well-being.

Exercise is associated with:1

  • Improved wellbeing
  • Better mood
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Improved cognitive function and memory
  • Prevents/delays cognitive decline

While short-term exercise has effects, they are that much greater once you start exercising longer term.

So how do you get yourself up and moving??

Start small, by adding frequent walks. Go for a walk listening to a podcast/talking on the phone or meet a friend for a socially distant walk or run. Or try to add in 10 squats and 10 push-ups a day and build up from there. It is never too late to start. And is helpful if you can find a friend to do it with you or keep you accountable. Need accountability and want a program? I write programs for clients that are delivered through an app on your phone, with accountability and weekly check-ins. Schedule a free consultation here to get started on app training.

I specialize in working with desk workers to manage their back and neck pain and teach them how to live a healthier lifestyle without spending hours in the gym. Check out my physical therapy or personal training services if you are interested. Schedule a free consultation here, or just follow along for my free content on Instagram and Youtube.


1. Mandolesi L, Polverino A, Montuori S et al. Effects of Physical Exercise on Cognitive Functioning and Wellbeing: Biological and Psychological Benefits. Front Psychol. 2018;9. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2018.00509

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