Corporate Wellness Partnerships

Coportate Wellness Partnerships

In-Person and Virtual Options

Corporate Education: Managing Back Pain in the Work Place

This is a lunch and learn that can be virtual or in person. The prevalence of low back pain alone in desk workers per year is 31-51%, and neck pain is 42-69%. Employees who are experiencing neck and lower back pain can be negatively affected in their productivity, attendance at work, and overall healthcare costs. Harvard Business Review reported that for every dollar spent on a wellness program, there was an associated $3.27 decrease in medical costs for both the employee and employer and the cost of employee absenteeism decreased by $2.73 for every dollar spent. Research shows that there is also a significant impact on productivity which can lead to increased profitability. This session we will discuss why desk workers have low back pain, how to manage it, and even go through some exercises that will go along with an email handout for your employees to reference. Please email for availability and pricing. 

Ergonomic Evaluation

This is a great add on to the education above. This includes giving assessments to each employee about their workspace set up, with recommendations for changes, and a follow up with reccomensations and links to specific products. This can also include assement of shared work spaces to make them more safe and efficient for your workers. Please email for availability and pricing.

Wellness Assessments
This consists of 1:1 meetings with your employees to create a health and fitness plan to reach their goals. This can also include pain management if you are recovering from an injury. This will be followed up with a recap email. This is a 30-minute virtual service. Please email for availability and pricing.