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You are likely working from home 1-5 days per week. I am having more and more people reach out due to aches and pains from desk set ups and different positions they find themselves in throughout the workday. Read below for how you can try to stay ahead of aches and pains.


There is no such thing as perfect posture (future blog post to come entirely on posture). And your posture isn’t the direct cause of your pain, the prolonged positions you are in are likely causing your discomfort. When you are sitting or standing at your desk, you want to be comfortable. Ideally with arms and wrists resting on an armrest or table and having your screen at eye level. 


My recommendation is to change positions or get up every hour. Shift in your seat, stand, refill your water bottle, go to the bathroom, take your next call standing/walking around etc. Just get up and move. Sitting for hours straight without getting up or changing positions is hard to tolerate. For example, I have no aches/pains and still have to get up frequently because I am just uncomfortable. Adding in pre-existing pain likely will shrink that window of comfort in certain positions.


Another great option to switch up positions throughout the day. Don’t have a standing desk at home? Can you stack up some storage bins or a coffee/side table on your desk/table to build it into standing? Yes, it’s more work, but likely you’ll feel better from the movement and change of position.


In the office, you likely got up to go to meetings, chat with a coworker, grab lunch etc. Try to get some movement in daily. Pace while on the phone, take your next call outside, start or end your day with a quick walk, take a lunch break walk, do a quick 10 minute workout at home, whatever it is that gets you moving. Maybe you get lost in your work, try setting a reminder/alarm in your phone to get up and move. My personal favorite is just drinking a lot of water throughout the day, it guarantees movement since you’ll have to get up to refill it and use the restroom.

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