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Personal Training

Have you tried working out in the past but had difficulty sticking with it? We have been there and understand what it takes to stay consistent with exercise. Being realistic about your time commitment, scheduling your workouts in advance, knowing what to do when you get to the gym, and having a coach to keep you accountable are the key steps to building exercise into a lifelong habit.

We believe in committing to the lifelong journey of health and fitness. Maybe right now you want to work out how to feel better about yourself, improve your confidence, build muscle, and lose weight. In 5 years you exercise to decrease your blood pressure, diabetes risk, and cardiovascular disease risk. And in 10 years to be able to run around with your kids or grandkids. Health and fitness are lifelong. Your future self will thank you for building habits now, where ever you are along that journey. If you have yet to start, welcome, it’s your time to begin.

    There are three options for personal training with Schuyler:

    -1:1 In person in Back Bay of Boston, MA or Newton, MA

    -1:1 Virtually from anywhere

    App personal training: 

    Which includes personalized workouts for you to perform on your own, with weekly check-ins for accountability, and messaging in the app for form checks and questions


    Have a friend you want to train with? We are happy to accommodate groups!


    I cannot express how thankful I am to be training with Schuyler Archambault. I’ve been to lots of gyms, and this is the first time I’ve worked with a private trainer. I started training with Schuyler three years ago, in person at first, and now we hold virtual workouts. The equipment she recommended was easy to find and affordable.  No expensive machines are required! Schuyler’s physical therapy background, coupled with her training experience is amazing! She’s a committed professional and knowledgeable about so many aspects of health and fitness.  She listens carefully and pays close attention to my personal needs and individual goals. The exercises are a challenge, and she allows me to work at my own pace.  More importantly to me, Schuyler demonstrates a great deal of patience and provides positive reinforcement. She takes the time to correct my form, if necessary and will modify an exercise if I am having trouble with it. She encourages me to push a little harder to get the results I am striving for. In addition, she has worked around some non-exercise-related injuries I’ve had, which is a great plus for those of us in the 45+ crowd that may have lingering reasons to not start a workout routine. If I get to a place where I’m stuck mentally and not feeling it, she will work with me and encourage me to stay with it and she’ll adjust the workout regimen accordingly as needed. I feel energized and encouraged after each workout. Over the time I have trained with Schuyler, I have dropped 60 pounds and can now spend an entire day working in the garden without pain.  Schuyler delivers results! I highly recommend Schuyler and the high-quality Personal Training she provides”

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