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The best workout for you is likely not the one that your friend is doing, or the one the influencer on Tik Tok is doing either.

What makes the best workout program?

-It is the program you can be consistent with, for the long term. Results take time to be seen and require work to keep them up.

-You need to be able to fit your daily workout into your busy schedule. Choose one that you can stick to, because a program requiring you to be in the gym for 60 + minutes a day likely will not last.

-It’s convenient for you to get to, because if you are driving 20 minutes each way to the gym, are you really going to be able to stick to that long term? That’s an extra 40 minutes that you need to make it to the gym.

What should the program include?

The best workout program should also be well-rounded. If your goal is to live a more active lifestyle, be healthier, and for longevity, follow ACSM guidelines. They recommend a minimum of 2 strength days per week and a minimum of 150 minutes of aerobic activity. You can complete a full body strength workout in 35-45 minutes, so you don’t need much time. To fit in the aerobic exercise you can break it up with 2- 1 hour sessions and one 30-minute session, or you can do 30-minute sessions 5 times a week. Maybe that means doing a combination of spinning, running, and walking, or just choosing one. You may want to take a class, or you may choose to listen to your favorite podcast and go! Find what works for you and stick to it.

New to exercise and don’t know where to start?

Plan out your cardio vs strength training days in your calendar to schedule like you would a meeting. This will help you get in the habit of regularly exercising on the same day and time each week. Find free resources for strength training, or hire a coach if you need form coaching. Decide if in-person or virtual 1:1 personal training is best for you. Or if you are familiar with strength training, and need the accountability and plan for when you are in the gym, consider app training with me.

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