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Benefits of strength training exercises for runners:

  • Decreases injury risk
  • Improve speed
  • Improve running economy

3 Strength exercises for runners

What volume of the strength exercises should you do?

This is really going to depend on your goals and what your experience with strength training is.

New to exercise:

-Lower sets (2-3)

-Moderate reps (8-10)

-Moderate weight

Nearing race day:

-Lower sets (2-3)

-Moderate reps (8-12)

-Lighter weight

Build strength:

-Higher sets (3-5)

-Low to moderate rep (5-8)

-Heavier weight

How many days of strength training should you do as a runner?

Again, it depends on your goals:

-General health and fitness: 2-3x/week

-Training for 1/2 or full marathon: 2x/week

-Goal of strength building: 3-4x/week

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