Boston Physical Therapy

Who I work with:

teach people how to manage their pain and symptoms to return to the activities they love doing. I work with busy desk workers who want to manage their back/neck pain, get back into shape, and live a healthier lifestyle without spending hours in the gym. I also work with older clients who are looking to manage chronic diagnoses and exercise for longevity. Lastly, being hypermobile myself, I work with clients who are hypermobile to manage pain and get them back to the activities they love. I care about the long-term health of our clients and educate clients on how to incorporate strategies to help improve the way they age along the way.

My three-step process simplifies the timeline while maximizing efficiency.

  1. Manage pain and symptoms
  2. Build tolerance to simple movement and begin strength training
  3. Enhance strength and sport-specific performance

What to expect after a PT session:

Do you always leave the Doctor’s office without getting all your questions answered and feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information you forget a week later?

Expect an email the day after your session with a synopsis of the session, clearly stating what we discussed, worked on, and what to do until your next session.

 Receive a home program with videos to remind you how to perform the exercise.

I work with physical therapy clients both in person located in Back Bay of Boston, and virtually from anywhere.

I worked with Schuyler for about a year, and she was incredible. I had complications with an ACL surgery that resulted in the recovery process being much longer than is typical, but she was so helpful and supportive throughout the whole process. She was attentive and knowledgeable and showed a real investment in my progress. I actually looked forward to coming to PT! I really can’t say enough how strongly I recommend working with Schuyler.”

What Clients are saying