Virtual Services

Are you located outside of Boston and Newton, MA?

We are committed to serving beyond our local community.

    There are several options for virtual services with Schuyler:

    Physical Therapy Evaluation

    Physical Therapy Follow-up appointment

    Physical therapy check-ins

    Physical Therapy home program via an App on your phone

    -1:1 Personal Training Session

    Personal training monthly programming via an App on your phone (great if you are traveling this summer)


    Schuyler is a true professional and a great motivator. She has been providing me with workout plans in preparation for my wedding, and the overall experience has been amazing. Using the app to work with Schuyler has been so helpful, and I know my strength and form has improved since joining her program. The workouts are easy to follow, and offer a variety of exercises. The accountability aspect of this program is huge for someone like me who is not a natural gym person. Schuyler keeps my fitness goals on track and I cannot recommend Arch PT and Fitness enough!

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